Brewin’ Bill: An Outlaw of the People

Brewin’ Bill: An Outlaw of the People
Austin Pischner
Austin Pischner

In the late 1870’s, the southwest was truly a barren, warrantless wasteland. Bill often roamed the dusty hills, treading his way across the bleak and unforgiving Sonoran Desert looking for his next hit. He’d spend most nights at whatever watering hole in the shanty town he was planning on robbing the next morning. Sometimes he would get so low on money, he would stoop to doing more violent and unforgiving crimes, however Bill always knew that wasn’t his true character. Bill wanted more for himself, and he knew how that could happen.

Up on the hill, in a small yet bustling town of Saguaro Springs lived a retired financial broker from New York. Bill knew that there was a chance to hit his safe, and possibly come across enough money to finally end his outlaw days. Bill concocted a plan to ride down to Saguaro Springs, and his plan was set forth.

Late in the evening, Bill arrived into town. This time of night, the only folks up and around are at the saloon, and we’re likely having too much fun to notice a newcomer. Bill took this to his advantage and began the descent up the hill towards the brokers estate.

Arriving to the estate, Bill had noticed the home was still lit up as if they were still awake. Bill still saw this as his opportunity to change the scope of the way he’d been living, so he decided to continue up to the path of the front door. As he got closer, he could hear yelling coming from the foyer by the front door. Bill grabbed his gun, and squatted down below the front window. Inside, he could see a young woman & the who he presumed was the broker. The young woman had been tied up, like a hostage, and was in danger!

Bill sprang into action and broke the front window. Gun drawn, Bill yelled out to let her go! The broker refused so Bill decided he would try and tackle the broker down to the ground, so Bill leaped forward and laid one solid punch across the face of the man. The punch was so hard, it knocked the man out instantaneously.

Bill got up, dusted himself off and realized the young woman was still bound to a chair. He grabbed his hat off of the ground, pulled out his butterfly pocket knife and cut the ropes to free her. 

Bill then explained to the woman why he was there in first place, and knew he only had a limited time to complete his mission. She decided she would help him. Bill was exuberant about this idea and gave her a section of the house to start searching. Upon searching the whole house, including the attic and basement, the pair couldn’t find the supposed “treasure” Bill was hoping for. 

As the sun was rising, Bill and his rescued mistress decided it was best the got out of town. Bill helped her up onto his horse, then they rode off. Bill thought it was best for the young mistress to be taken back home to her family, in a nearby town.

Even though Bill did not find the treasure he was looking for, he portrayed his heroic character. It would be still be a few years before Bill turned his life around, in the name of a good coffee roast. 

As for the young mistress, maybe one day Bill get to see her again. Hopefully, under better circumstances! 🤠

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